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Dropping Gems with Tracey

Welcome to Dropping Gems with Tracey! I aim to provide you with my view on various topics, encouraging words, psychoeducation tips, de-stressor techniques, and much more!


Happy New Year! Many Blessing to you & your family in 2023 and beyond from My Family to Yours!

As we celebrate the new year, There can be a lot of high and low emotions in planning and executing areas of our lives for 2023.

I believe the most important is to walk in faith, and believe there is more in store for you than your current situation.As I sat patiently listening to receive a word from the first Sunday sermon of 2023 that would encourage me as I ponder the next moves for 2023. I heard :Facts aren't Final & My Future is my focus. -Rev Furtick.

Although these were tittle from past sermons of 2022 - they spoke value to me. They are encouraging and have enough energy to ignite manifestation to begin 2023 with zest!

Facts aren't Final, At this moment No matter what's happening in my life good or different, I have the means and power to assist in a different outcome.

My future is my focus” -For me, speak into existence what I want for 2023. keep creating and manifesting materials for my private practice, my personal life, my family, my friends, and the community at large.

Since Covid, like most staying encourage, being present, and purpose-driven come with challenges. You got this!

I know this will encourage someone. I hope you allow grace to walk with you into 2023.Be patient, not pressured.Plan, don’t panic.

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March~ Celebrating & Honoring Women's History Month!

Happy Social Work Month ! National Association of Social Workers. #hugaSWtoday

Spring has sprung !

What are you springing into action this season How can you be mindful?What mindset are you shifting?

April ~It's that time of the year when individuals & communities turn their plate down and fast for many reasons.

I like to take this time of the year to reflect, reset & recommit. How I reach this varies. Most importantly I allow Grace to walk with me and listen to my body, mind and soul.

How are you listening to your body, mind or your soul? Are you taking breaks. Are you incorporating daily movement . Are you hydrating daily. Have you seen the doctor for your yearly check ups. Have you had a Mammogram this year.

May~ Happy Mother's Day ! I'm Honoring All The Women Who Are Caregivers. Who are Teaching Individuals To Love Thy Self & Others. Who Is Sharing Their Self Unconditionally. Who are doing this Thing Called Life ! Can I Get An Amen!

June ~ Happy Father's Day ! May you be blessed beyond measures.

Let's celebrate the men in our lives Let's exercise gratefulness for what they are doing.

Let's celebrate the importance of their presence.

Let's acknowledge how their Love impact lives!

May you Stand Tall ,Walk boldly, and Speak Wisdom to Yourself, Your Family & The Community.

I like to Thank all of The Men In My Life Who Provides Support and Speak Encouraging Words To Me & Mines.

***Lets Celebrate the Summer !

It's a New Season, in it lays another way of thinking , or doing things. What are you going in this season to shift your mindset?

Your thoughts drives your feelings, Your feelings drives your behavior.

Celebrating Juneteenth ! Recognizing the individuals that were enslaved longer than the laws allowed.

Hello Hot Sweet Summer Days ! One of my favorite time of the years. Pass me a cold tall glass of lemonade~please !

Oh Yes Happy Birthday to Me !!! I'm grateful for another spin around the sun. I have a lot to be grateful for. Life can be hard and unfair but if you are reading this then you can make a difference. # stay focus, stay claim & stay on course.

July~No Challenge, No Change!

I was listening to a service with Rev Furtick, and this statement stuck with me “ No Challenge No Change. Although the message was encouraging and spoke to keeping your faith even during challenging times. “ No Challenge, No Change hit home for me. 

Let me share why. Usually, when we are challenged we normally have to change something to deal with that challenge. The change can be many things from the way we think, feel, or behave.  It may be the way we view a matter. It may be time to change careers, end a  toxic relationship, reposition oneself due to divorce, returning to the workforce or school. 

*Let’s be transparent life-altering events are challenging But they can be manageable. 

*Are you ready to transform your mindset? Seek the support you deserve! If negative thoughts consume you, overthinking takes over, or changes feel overwhelming, it's time for a positive change. Let's work together to create healthier outcomes.

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