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Dropping Gems with Tracey

Welcome to Dropping Gems with Tracey! My goal is to provide you with my view on various topics, encouraging words, psychoeducation tips, de-stressors techniques and so much more!


Happy New Year ! Many Blessing to you & your family in 2022 and beyond.


A month full of inspiration & Love!

Every year in February, we honor to Black History Month. I always wonder why BHM was in February. From what I learnt BHM started out as a week called" Negro History Week". In the 60s various colleges expanded the recognition of African American history to the full month of February. According to People magazine Andrea Wurzburger , In 1915 historian Carter G Woodson and minister Jesse E Moorland founded what is today known as Association for the Study of African-American life and History in order to bring awareness to the African-American people who had made contribution to society". This information was definitely a gem for me.

I also Love this quote which is a fact in my eyes "I am my ancestors wildest dreams " if you take a moment and think about your family's journey up to today. I'm sure the ancestors, yours and mine prayed for a better day for whatever reasons. Here we are the same but different, trying to make sense of this thing called life.

Well If you are reading this you may be searching for a therapist or just web hoping. If you are seeking help, complete the consultation form so we can connect. If you are web hoping enjoy and sign up for my tips and techniques.


We are celebrating Women all over the World. From our Grandmothers to our daughter to the Women who serve in the Military to the Women in the White House.

Calling all Social Workers -You Are Awesome. We at E.C. Love you & Celebrate All your Hard Endless Work !

I’m Celebrating my 10th year as a Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Survivor.

I hope to stand as a testimony to whoever is struggling with anything that is holding them back.

I created a timeline for the past 10 years of things that I have overcome and celebrated. 

✨The good, the scary, and indifferent!

1-Had a false read mammogram in 2012.

2-Find a lump by self-exam & diagnosed with TNBC in 2013.

3-Resigned from my job to take care of myself.

 4-Survived Surgery #3 a mastectomy in 2013.

5-Completed 10 Rounds of chemotherapy 2014.

6-Survived surgery#4~ 9-hour- tram flap reconstruction surgery 2015.

7-Landed a promotion and return to the workforce in 2016 as Dir of SS Dept in D.Vshelter.

8-Separated and Divorce commended in 2017.

9-Sold my Brownstone, rented a luxury apt, in 2019.

10- Relocated, & brought a Beautiful Home 2020. ✨ And the blessing continues In 2021, I started my Mental Health Private Practice ~ Easton Consultant PLLC.

✨When I tell you it wasn’t easy -believe me.

✨Did I feel like the rug was pulled from under me-absolutely! 

✨Did I have distorted thinking- of course, I did!

✨Did I experience heartbreak and frustration- that’s not half of it! 

✨ I kept praying, pushing, and shifting my mindset to create what I deserve and desire.  It’s an ongoing process.

✨I’m here to help!

✨Looking forward to 2022 & Beyond!


Spring Time ~I love Spring, it colorful, the excitiment of warmer weather and the beautiful flowers that are bloomimg.

The Celebration of Resurrection Sunday~He has Resin ! Blessing to us All.


Is Mental Health Awareness Month-1 in 4 People suffer from mental illness. Please check on your friends and family. Many peole suffer in silence. Let's break the silence and get the help we need. .


Happy Pride Month ! #LGBTQ+ community

Let's Welcome Summers, we miss you and so ready for all the summertime fun !

Happy Birthday To Me! Yes, it is very important to make time and celebrate ourselves even with life's highs and lows.


Is BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month highlights and recognizes the unique, emotional and mental struggles that Black,Indigenous and other People of Color face.

Here is the lastest news for US Mental Health Hotline- The National Suicide Prevention LifLine , is now 988 Suicide & Crisis LifeLine 24/7, can be more easily reached by calling or texting 988, or chatting on