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Frequent Questions Asked

I do accept insurance if you have out-of-network benefits. Your insurance will reimburse you for psychotherapy. Each insurance plan is different and I encourage you to review your plan coverage but many will reimburse at least 50 to 80% if a deductible has reached. I will provide you with an inch invoice so that insurance companies can process your claim.

I provide therapy for women. My expertise is anxiety, depression, grief, and loss Trauma relationship difficulties, career difficulties coping with life changes, trauma women's issues, and self-worth. to name a few areas.

Many people feel nervous before their first appointment therapy is a shared experience a shared process initially I will ask you questions about what has brought you to the point of coming to therapy I will listen carefully to what you share and together we will see the direction of your work we will discuss your goals and what you like to change position towards me or for opinions and suggestions and I will not tell you what to do.

On average I meet with clients weekly or biweekly, finding a point to gain some momentum in the beginning by meeting regularly in order to see more progress. I want some or all of your goals to be met meaningless often will make sense.

Appointments are 45 minutes to 55 minutes with exception of your initial session which may be 55 minutes. This is a standard length of counseling sessions if you are interested in a longer session please contact me regularly regarding the availability and pricing.

I mostly work with adults but occasionally with couples, I made that decision on a case-by-case basis.

I do not conduct child custody evaluation nor do I believe I have custody recommendations.

I also don’t provide treatment for eating disorders, psychotic disorders, schizophrenia, psycho-affective disorder or personality disorder.

Yes, virtual sessions can be just as effective as face-to-face. It is convenient and allows for a more flexible schedule where a time for face-to-face may work better.

I offer a variety of theories and techniques I find cognitive behavior therapy, solution-focused therapy, Psychodynamic, inner child and mindfulness techniques are often helpful for my clients.

There are different variables to consider such as what is your presenting issue, what kind of history do you bring to therapy; for example; how you have coped with your problems until this point, what your goals are etc. My goal is to help you get to a place where you no longer need me. Once your goals are met in your problems are solved or manageable you may decrease the number of visits or in therapy, we can discuss this further when we meet.

No, I’m not a medical doctor. Some of my patients for medication are helpful but most of them also progress while in therapy without medication. If you want to be evaluated for psychiatric medication please contact your primary care physician or a psychiatrist if you are already taking medication I can call collaboration care with your doctor.

I require 24-hour notice for any cancellation if you have to cancel a pizza ocean and you do so within 24 hours you can reschedule the session for another day sessions must be made out within 14 days .refund will not be provided.

$150 for individuals for 45-minute sessions. Payment is accepted by cash or credit card and it’s due at the time of service. Cancellation less than 24 hours will be charged a full session fee. You have the option to reschedule within 30 days, not including regularly scheduled sessions.

It may seem like Therapists charge a lot of money like anyone who works independently, therapist fees paid for office space, office supplies advertisement, websites, continuing education, outside consultation, medical and malpractice insurance, transportation, to name a few areas.  Look at the money you spent on therapy as an investment in your future, the benefit you experience will justify the expense. Be an active participant to your fullest capacity. Your therapy will teach work on your part and mine. If you don’t put in the efforts forward you won’t feel as if you were getting your money's worth and you will likely result from the course.

Yes, I understand the therapy can be expensive and believe everyone should have access to therapy regardless of financial limitations. I offer a sliding scale program for those experiencing financial hardship on a case by case situation. I have limited slots for sliding scale clients. We can discuss your particular need and decide how to move forward.

There is a legal and ethical provision designed to protect client confidentiality and psychotherapy and I take my commitment to confidentiality very seriously however there are exceptions in extreme cases.

those are: In the case of suspected child abuse on an independent abuse elderly abuse I am required by law to notify the appropriate authorities immediately. I am required by law to notify the police and the attendant victim.

If a patient threatens to cause immediate harm to himself or herself. I am required by law to ensure their safety. I make every effort to ensure the cooperation of the patient and ensure the safety but if they do not cooperate I may have to take additional steps without the patient's permission and reach out to the appropriate authorities.